Tourism in Arunachal Pradesh

Arunachal Pradesh is India's easternmost state by being the first to meet the rising sun in the country. Every tourist visit here to see the natural beauty when sun rises early in the morning. There are 8 Wildlife Sanctuaries and 2 National Parks in the state. The wildlife of the region is rich and varied. Elephants, tigers and leopards, the sloth bear and the Himalayan black bear, the red panda and many types of deer including the musk deer live in Arunachal's forests. The Pradesh is known to be rich in flora, fauna, power and mineral potential.

Arunachal's border with China: a long border which stretches all the way from its east, over to its northern boundaries and down to its north- western edge where it merges with Tibet. To its west is Bhutan and on its southern end it touches Assam, Nagaland and Burma before sweeping up to Calcutta. There are five major rivers Kameng, Subansiri, Siang, Lohit and Tirap. There are 61,000 sq km of forests of pine, oak, maple, fir and rhododendron in order to protect which the timber industry has now been banned in the state.

Previously this region was known as the North East Frontier Agency (NEFA) and constituted a part of the state of Assam. Arunachal Pradesh became an independent state on 20th February 1987. It is bounded by independent countries on the

three sides and by Assam and Nagaland in the south. The long international border comprises of Bhutan on its west (160 km), the Tibet region of China on its northern and north east border (1080 km) and Myanmar (formerly Burma (440km) on the eastern border. In addition to the forests, the rich handicrafts add to the ethereal beauty of majestic Arunachal Pradesh. Weaving is a very common craft in the region. Highly artistic carpets, shawls, gales and jackets are the high-quality fruit of its looms. Its rivers -- mysterious, powerful and beautiful -- with faces and moods that change dramatically ever so often form the colorful lifelines. These are ideal for rafting and angling and the rugged terrain is ideal for trekking. With these elements your journey would be undoubtedly full of fun n' frolic.

Arunachal finds mention in the literature of Kalika Purana and Mahabharata. This place is supposed to be the Prabhu Mountains of the Puranas. It was here that sage Parashuram washed away his sin, sage Vyasa meditated, King Bhishmaka founded his kingdom and Lord Krishna married his consort Rukmini.

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