Tourism in Daman & Diu

Daman & Diu Situated in the West coast of India and surrounded by the Arabian Sea, the tiny islands Daman and Diu jointly form this beautiful Union Territory of India. Daman and Diu lie on the edge of the southern borders of Gujarat, which is situated

in western India. The northern side of the isolated island, Diu, facing Gujarat, is a tidal marsh and saltpans, while the southern coast alternates between limestone cliffs, rocky coves and sandy beaches. In Daman you can visit the Fort of St. Jerome at Nani Daman, where there is a Jain temple as well. The 17th-century-old Se Cathedral and the Church of Our Lady of Rosary in Moti Daman are also worth a visit, and one can see the exquisite Portuguese carvings on the walls of these churches. Built in ancient Gothic style, these are a feast for the eyes. The stately Light House, the amusement park and the Gandhi Park at Daman jetty are also places of interest. Among the beaches, Devka beach is the most famous. Others include the Jampore each, which is of interest to the swimmers and is very near the Gujarat border. The lake garden of Satya Nagar Udyan is famous for its fountains and promenades.

The Somnath Temple is also only a short distance from here. It is a magnificent place of worship. The massive historic Diu (Praca de Diu) fort cum-castle built in 1535 impresses most of the visitors. It was the key position of the whole strategic complex which comprises the other forts-one at Gogola which was destroyed in 1896; the Passo Seco Fort at about 8 Km from the city. This fort predates the Portuguese conquest. At Brancavara there were two other forts. One known as Barra now converted into a lighthouse, the second as Nagoa Fort built in 1773. Besides these forts, there is also a historical cathedral dedicated to St. Paul, a palace, Tad Fort, Old Fort and Nagoa Beach. Diu is a very popular and important tourist resort.

Tourist places in Daman & Diu

Hilsa Aquarium

Newly developed Hilsa Aquarium displays a good collection of beautiful and colouful fish.

Devka Beach

This is an amusement park with a number of colourful fountains which differnt light of colors according to the music wihich is play and is a place to frolic around.

Moti Daman Fort

The large forts dates back to 16th century. A large number of Portuguese stay in the rooms of fort with their families.

Nani Daman

This is an ancient church, a fort and a fishing dock. Now this make a lighthouse which offers that mystic charm to its lovely beach.

Fort of Diu

The main Tourist attractions in Daman and Diu, the Diu Fort acquires a prominent position. Skirted by the sea on the three sides and offers a magnificent view of the sea.

Church of Bom Jesus

The church was built by the Portuguese in 17th century and it is famous for their impressive rosewood carvings and beautiful greenery.

Gangeshwar Temple

This temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva houses five lingas in the midst of the rocks on the seashore. A lot of tourist visit here when they come Daman.