Tourism in Orissa

Orissa is located on the east coast of India. It is a little over sixty thousand square miles. The history of Orissa was three thousand years old. A preferred destination for tourists from across the globe, Orissa is a place where you find an astute amalgamation of spirituality, religion, culture, art and nature. Tourists in Orissa get really enthralled having visited Konark -a masterpiece of ancient and medieval architecture, Puri- a land of pristine sea beaches and nature.

Orissa used to belong to a kingdom called Kalinga. Kalinga was a very well known nation leader which had control most of the sea routes located in the Bay of Bengal. The kingdom was very involved in trade through these sea routes.

Number of festivals and fairs also taking place round the year, Orissa stands as a true

land of festivities where the tourists can come for worship and they never get bored of. Traveling throughout Orissa is full of surprises. The Places are easily accessible and well connected. The roads are fine and clean, though patchy in the deep remote stretches, is generally good with reasonable facilities. Bhubaneswar is the main gateway with air, rail and road links connecting it to major parts of India and also the important centres of the State.

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